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Fretting over a possible negative outcome for a court case, a health issue or whatever? The void of course definition still applies-nothing comes of it.

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Can you override the effect of a void Moon? Maybe, but be prepared to double your efforts and then hope and pray for the best. Now, I have to tell you, the reverse strategy of starting something important when the Moon is not void doesn't guarantee success. I do know that starting something important when it is void, nearly always holds true; Nothing much happens.

I also know that if I can avoid hang-ups and disappointments, that's enough to make me check my calendar. Don't buy a new house or car, getting married, signing contract, starting a relationship, major meetings. Plan nothing, commit to nothing, purchase nothing, decide to nothing. Avoid consultations with teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers, or anyone that you think may have cloudy judgment or anyone who advise you need.

Rejuvenate your spirit, relax, take a break, walk, meditate, veg out on couch, watch a movie, clean the house, do things to give you a pause in hectic lifestyle. Wait for something to be repaired, else it will have to be done over again. Avoid communications that are extremely important.

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Wait to write that letter, email, send a fax make a call. The communication will be delayed, disrupted or contorted.

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All times are Eastern Time. Adjust for time zone. We have adjusted for Daylight Savings. Please subtract 3 hours if you are pacific time. That our abilities increase by percent when it is at 14 hours 30 minutes sidereal time. David Wilcock has stated this. We need to be on a more balanced way each day.

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This calendar goes on 20 day cycles and 13 moons. Each day has a special energy almost like astrology.

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It helps us understand each day and helps us learn about ourselves. I use this Mayan calendar everyday and find it so important for out body cycles to be online at this time.

It helps us to become more centered, graceful and less chaotic. My friend Aleya resonates to this Mayan Calendar calculator, try it out see which one resonates for you.

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Miller says all signs point to cryptocurrency. But Ms. Cameron Diaz asked her for advice before purchasing real estate. When Emma Stone wanted to learn astrology, she called up Ms. Miller for help. After bumping into each other at a party, Jennifer Aniston volunteered her condolences that Ms. Miller to have dinner at their home.

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The calls go both ways. Years ago, when Ms. Her now ex-husband does not. Talking to Ms. Within minutes of meeting, Ms. Miller determines that we are going to be friends, and invites me to share a plate of asparagus with her, which she accurately predicts will be delicious.

Once, she recounts fondly, the musician Pharrell Williams invited her to an event with Neil deGrasse Tyson, the renowned astrophysicist who despises astrology. He was nice to me. Miller says. A rep for Mr. Whether you believe in her methods or not, though, Ms. Miller is devoted to providing advice for you and the other millions of readers who visit her site when she distributes her free horoscopes, usually on the first of the month.

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To supplement her income, she offers even longer forecasts for what she says is about half a million paying app subscribers , writes regular columns for a handful of magazines including Vogue Japan and has a partnership in the works with her favorite hotel, the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. Here it is necessary to address the situation surrounding Ms. One summer, a particularly late July column made tabloid headlines replete with quotes from her readers, who found themselves incapacitated from having to start the month off blind.

Her fans know from reading about her over the years that these delays are usually related to unforeseeable flare-ups from chronic illnesses she says have plagued her since she was left bedridden for a year with a rare disease at the age of Her eyesight is failing, and she says that earlier on the day we spoke she took a breath test for the gastrointestinal disease ulcerative colitis. Or maybe the breath test took place four years ago.